Sitting in Your Own Lap

Kind of like the Buddhist “sitting in forgetfulness.” Or maybe actually like.

This is Otto’s default resting position. He’s three years old and is probably the weirdest cat out of the seventeen or so that have resided with me through the years. Husband-Man and I have mock-arguments about his intelligence (HM claims he’s the smartest cat he’s ever known–I maintain that we are a little inbred and “low energy”–a polite way of saying that this cat sleeps about 23 hours a day).

I have never had a cat exude love like this cat seems to be able to. The boys fight over who gets to hold him.

Found Otto squalling in the barn when he was about three weeks old…managed to make myself leave him there overnight, but when he was still there looking for mama the next day I brought him home (and his brother) and started the three weeks of syringe-feeding them kitten formula. We found a home for his brother, but there was no way we could part with this guy.

Would you have been able to leave this in the barn?

He’s been my favorite cat to photograph, not only because he’s an interesting color and has no tail but because he loves lying on his back and with his back legs spread out in bizarre positions:

Or this….

We won a $200 gift certificate from Dr. Foster & Smith’s catalog with this shot (we bought, of course, one of those fancy cat-scratching-post things).  And did you know Otto’s running for President?

Otto For President


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