Cooling our Heeler heels

Annie enjoying a walk in some spring runoff during our canyon adventure a couple of weeks ago.  This stream was surrounded by knee-high stinging nettles that look like they grow to 3-4′ during the summer months (the gray sticks in the foreground are dead stems from last year’s growth). My last run-in with nettles was last summer in the pasture when I was clearing the fenceline. I was thinking, wow, there is a ton of wild catnip growing right here…when all of a sudden my burning arms let me know I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

It’s actually kind of an interesting pain since it abruptly flares and then abruptly dissipates. The sting goes away much faster than an insect sting, but it’s about the same kind of feeling.

Nettles are supposed to be gaining interest for their anti-inflammatory properties…I guess if you dry the leaves you can eat them without your tongue catching on fire. Well, I know where to harvest some if anyone’s interested.


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