You Has Seereal?

This is Sunny. She’s about twelve now, which makes her our oldest cat. She ALWAYS sleeps on our bed with us at night, and ALWAYS knows if you’re trying to sneak a bowl of cereal. We also really like corn chips, even though we have about four teeth left in our little head.

She gets stiff and uncoordinated whenever we pet her, but it’s still obvious she loves it. I don’t know if she had distemper or nerve damage as a kitten, but she’s never been “right” physically, even though she’s quite intelligent and alert. She is our early warning system–she hears animals out in the field at night long before the Hyper Heeler (who is usually snoring on the floor). Sunny makes this faint warning moan in her chest when she hears something, and wham, Annie’s awake and heading for the window for a look.

She is the sweetest and most patient of all of our cats, even if she does act like she’s developing rigor mortis every time we pet her.


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