Friday Really is Good

Friday is three years old now.

Thanks to running the newspaper, I remember being just as worried about something going wrong during the delivery as I was about the mare giving birth on a production day (or night), which would mean I’d have to leave them in order to rush back to the office and put the paper together.

But Channy must have somehow figured it out. She presented me with this bundle on a perfect sunny day–one of my precious days off. It was Good Friday, just a couple of days before my fortieth birthday.

You just can’t beat that.

Channy waited until I blearily appeared that morning to start going into labor (I’d overslept the alarm to check on her). I don’t think she ever really liked me all that much–she was my first horse and I made a lot of mistakes with her–but I was really touched that she trusted me enough (clueless as I was) to help her with something as important as this.

In the photo above we’re trying to make sure Channy had as long as she needed to clear her head. Foaling happens surprisingly fast (a good thing because I was so nervous I about had a coronary). Friday was already trying to stand when HM took this photo, but I was pinning her down a bit so Channy had another few seconds to rest.

One of the things that I remember being shocked about was how responsive Friday was right away–she loved being rubbed with a towel.

Here we are doing what foals do best: napping!

It’s funny how much of her personality I can see in her eye even from this photo–she’s always kind of coolly sized up people. I love her like she’s my own, of course, but she’s still a feisty little turd.

I remember a friend of mine watching her rip around the pasture at top speed when she was only a few weeks old and predicting that she was going to be quite a handful. “Wow, babies usually don’t run around at top speed like that…”

At least I was forewarned.

Am I the only one who thinks horse baby teeth are adorable?


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