The Little Vampires Will Find You

What fences are REALLY good for

Yes, it’s that time of year…and after recent soaking rains (unheard of out here in the central Washington desert) we are suffering through an especially vicious mosquito season. As Friday can tell you, the little suckers make horses just as miserably itchy as they do people.

I don’t expect improvement until we get some hot weather…IF we get hot weather this year…and a couple of days’ blowout courtesy our “gentle spring zephyrs” always seems to set the population back a bit.

I wish we could get some swallows to nest in our barn, but maybe they’re turned off by the three batches of House Sparrows we have nesting in there. According to my handy-dandy information, insects only make up 4% of sparrow diet and 100% of swallow diet. (Maybe that’s why they’re called swallows. Gulp!) And, of course, the sparrows are helping themselves quite liberally to the chicken feed, so I doubt they’re even holding up their end of the 4% bargain.

I throw Bt in the stagnant water out in the ditch and liberally apply Endure on the ponies, but when the vampires want to get you, they’ll get you.


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  1. Years back Sarah and I went for a walk around a reservoir one morning and the whole way we were swarmed by gnats. Later I was telling my mom about it and she advised me to go back later in the day “after the gnats have burned off.”

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