Tiny Skunk Parade

Now try to tell me these guys aren't cute.

On the way home from the barn last night I saw three baby skunks running by the side of the road. I pulled the car around so I could open the door and take some pictures. As soon as they saw me stop the car, they immediately did an about face and started running toward me, like they wanted to jump into the car with me. It was a little unnerving, but I think they were looking for something to hide under. They were all making tiny grunting/mewling noises, and I suspect they were hungry and looking for a place to hide.

Unfortunately, I know what misery these guys can cause on a farm…we had a whole family nesting under the chickenhouse last spring (and just in case you didn’t know and couldn’t predict this little factoid, skunk poop really stinks). HM got sprayed in the face when he was trying to deal with two teenaged skunks who’d gotten trapped in our chicken feed can, and that was quite the memorable experience (we even had to soak his eyeglasses in vinegar to get rid of the smell).

I suppose an intelligent person would’ve probably tried to run these guys down as soon as they got under the car, but I carefully backed up so they’d run out from under the wheels and back into the weeds. I’ve already seen an adult skunk in the barn…(probably the mother of these guys) so I have the sinking feeling we’ll be seeing them again this summer. They will kill chickens if they get the chance, and although I think my “ladies” are probably scrappy enough to watch out for themselves in most cases, I don’t want to risk them getting hurt.

But I don’t suppose there is any harm in enjoying skunk cuteness…for a few minutes, anyway.


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  1. As of today, the picture of Otto on Thing’s lap is no longer the cutest picture ever posted on the planet.

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