Wildflower Shots

Keller's yarrow

Three more pictures from the drive on Saturday.

The wet weather this spring is going to make for a miserable fire season when we (inevitably…right??) get our usual hot dry weather.  But for now, the rain has been responsible for some astounding wildflower displays, like this Keller’s yarrow growing in the Washtucna Coulee.

Or these purple lovelies (below) which I suspect are some kind of columbine or pulsatilla flower (maybe someone can enlighten me). Even my handy-dandy central Washington desert wildflower guide by my friend Bob Kibler in Desert Aire doesn’t list these.

These often grow right up through the center of other shrubs.

And then there were the young women below in Othello, who were walking  down a long sidewalk adjacent to the Wal-Mart parking lot. I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of them after they stopped to break to pick the rocks out of their high heels and tried to keep their beautiful quinceñera dresses from blowing them away.

Wear sneakers next time, girls.



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4 responses to “Wildflower Shots

  1. Laura Liptak

    Awesome photo!

  2. Delia

    I’m not even sure how I stumbled onto this page but I’m so glad I did. I was enjoying your photos well enough – until I got to this one. All I can say is FABulous. Absolutely Fabulous photo. What a great eye you have. Thanks for sharing.

    • L

      Thanks, Delia. What a nice comment. It’s funny, but I spent so much time working on the newspaper that I kind of trained myself away from nature shots–(people really prefer seeing pictures of people in the newspaper) and so it’s been a lot of fun for me to have the freedom to concentrate on other subjects.

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