Trotting for a Butt Scratch

On the warm side here today–made worse by high humidity–but when I marched out of the barn to check the water trough, I immediately had my Walker mare at my side.

She really enjoys games where she’s supposed to match my speed, and when I saw her energy level up that high, I tried jogging to see if she’d keep up with me. I was surprised she did because it was so warm.

I stopped at her side and asked her to back with me, and she did. As soon as I told her she was a good girl, she immediately swung her hip around to me for a scratch–so quickly that I had to laugh. Pretty clear what her motivation was for trotting with me!

The poor girls are just being driven nuts by insect bites–thanks to our strange cool weather, we’ve got more horseflies around than usual, too.

Am I the only one wondering what this winter has in store for us? I’m a little nervous, really.

Kate over at A Year With Horses was writing about horse facial markings a while ago.  This is a good photo of Dove’s strange sabino facial markings…she looks almost like a cartoon horse here with the little circle at the end of her mouth.

You can also see a picture of the one “good tree” in the pasture at the top of the photo–after all the complaining I’ve done about Russian olives, I do have one decent willow tree. I can’t believe how much it’s grown in four years, but I’ve been babying it in the hopes it would provide shade someday. The horses have neatly trimmed all the drooping branches–they are indeed “constant gardeners.”

Another baby picture



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3 responses to “Trotting for a Butt Scratch

  1. I love facial marks, although I have the all or nothing in mine – Lily has a big blaze, Smokey has a tiny bit of white, just barley enough to notice.

  2. Hit enter too quick. I love when they walk with us. Wish I had more opportunities for those moments.

  3. It’s hotter than blazes here and the bugs are just awful. The horses pretty much spend all day standing under the barn to get away from them.

    I’m with you, I’m also concerned about the winter. The last two have been doozies.

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