Summer Moon in Central Washington

Some pictures to share from this evening.

A perfect summer evening

It was so nice that even old crabby mares (right) found the ability to be nice to the young idiot fillies (left)…

You're not going to bite me, right? Really?

Um, don't you think it's about time to put that black box thing away?

And I suppose you think it's ironic that these weeds are called "mare's tails."

And, finally, a little wheat straw and Saddle Mountains.



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5 responses to “Summer Moon in Central Washington

  1. As every picture scrolled up, I said “ohhhh,” or “wow” or “guh.” They’re so lovely. A magical moon indeed, if crabby old mares are nice to idiot fillies.

  2. Great pictures. The moon shining through makes them all look special. Glad to hear the crabby old mares were being nice to the young idiots.

  3. Thanks guys. I had a great time taking pictures last night. There are still times when taking pictures feels too much like work to me, but since I haven’t done this in a while I had a great time (even if my animals got a little exasperated with me!).

  4. That last picture is especially awesome!

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