Stand Back! Kitteh Nos Kahrahtay!

WARNING: If you find yourself in your front yard taking pictures of your cats on a Saturday night, chances are a) your internet service is down b) you have no social life c) you finally found your Nikon where you hid it under a picnic blanket in your car or d) you forgot to take your Crazy Cat Lady medicine this week.

The following sequence took place in under a minute. (And yes, I did make a LOL out of the Kahrahtay! picture….you can view and give Otto and Ray some cheezburgers here.)

Mmmm...hyooman flesh *nom nom nom*. Why you keeps screaming? I needs an ahponent with stamina!

AHA! Worthy ahponent sighted!

Watch out, Ray! Otto nos KAHRAHTAY!

Ray is not impressed with kaharatay skillz...but...

Otto always wins. (It helps to be twice the size of the other kittehs.) All quiet on the western front again.



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7 responses to “Stand Back! Kitteh Nos Kahrahtay!

  1. Ah, Grasshopper! Otto’s KungFu is mighty, indeed! ;0)

  2. Ahhh…the confidence was short-lived.

  3. Hiss-tericle! Off to give a chezburger

  4. Tough little kitties. They deserve a cheezburger, so I gave them one.

    By the way I love the picture of the gray cat for your logo? The one with him with the back legs out behind him. Makes me smile every time I see it.

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