But Mama….

This has been a great year for birds in my neck of the woods. We’ve seen more California quail, pheasants, and other midsize birds running around here this summer than we can remember. “My” swallows (we have a pair that have nested under our deck for years) were able to fledge two batches of babies this summer, too.  Batch No. 2 took so long to hatch that I was starting to worry, but of course the babies are doing well.

Reminds me of sending off No. 1 son to college this week–he may have edged out of the nest, but I’ll still be stuffing bugs into his beak (otherwise known as his checking account) all year.

But Mama...I told you I was the hungriest!


This proves the camera is faster than the eye. Swallows are such fast, accurate fliers that they can zoom by and stuff a bug in a baby's mouth without pausing. I was sure the parents were too intimidated to feed and were flying on by because I was intimidating them with the camera--but they WERE feeding them.



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6 responses to “But Mama….

  1. That’s pretty neat that you actually got a photo of the baby being fed. Nice camera work.

  2. Wow, talk about a fast shutter speed! Were you using a tripod?

  3. It is photo’s like yours that always make me wish for a better camera! (Oh, and a course to get me the skill to operate it…)

  4. funder

    Awesome pics! I think our quail have fledged out three sets of babies. My neighbor has the swallow nest so I only see them zooming over my backyard – no baby sightings for me.

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