Another Cat?

This adorable creature showed up in our driveway last week, so weak from starvation she resisted walking.  (I will NOT give in to the urge to curse my idiot neighbors here.)

Last week I had a plumber at my house to fix a hose bib, and when he was  on our back porch, he noticed that I had a bucket out there with a rope tied around the handle. He nodded at my back fence–where my neighbor’s dog was yapping. “Have you been giving that dog water?”

“Yeah,” I said.

He nodded. “It really sucks, doesn’t it? I can’t believe some people won’t take care of their pets.”

Any name suggestions?



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10 responses to “Another Cat?

  1. There are some horrid people out there.

    How about Lucky? Because this kitten surely is.

    Love the middle photo.

  2. funder

    Barley. Years ago I saw pics of a *very* photogenic tabby kitten named Barley, and this kitten looks like she’s shaping up to be equally camera-friendly.

  3. She obviously has a big personality, I think she could handle a big name. For some reason I’m thinking Felana Anjelus, no idea why. Our cats are named Will ‘O the Wisp and Count Metolius and I wanted to name another cat Paws Ambrosius, I guess I just like to give cats grandiose names.

    Some people should never be allowed to have pets. I sometimes can’t decide which is worse- the people who knowingly abuse and neglect their animals or the ones that do it because they just aren’t paying attention.

    • I think that’s a grand idea (the whole big cat name thing). And yes, I don’t know what’s worst either. I love Count Metolius.

      I seem to be trending toward single-syllable names lately like Scout, Ray, and Notch. That’s easier for boy cats, though.

  4. Oh how adorable. Glad she found a good home. It always boggles my mind how so many people knowingly or unknowingly mistreat their pets. There is a special place for these idiots and I hope they get it back in spades when they get there.

  5. Thought I’d stop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope the kitty is doing well.

    • She is–we still don’t have a name yet, although I am partial to Barley. One of the twins wants to name her Mrs. Meowmers, and I told him I was not naming a cat anything I was embarrassed to say aloud at the vet!

  6. Wow! You have lush kochia weed! I am a sculptor who uses the weed to make classy walking sticks, and in dry, dull mid Kansas there is a depressingly scant harvest. Where exactly are you, and when is the absolutely prime harvest season? I am thinking of making an early fall road trip! Please tell me more. Beth, better known as Piglet P.S. I tried unsuccessfully to grow my own this summer. Now I am freezing seeds in the hope that that is the trick I missed.

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