Quality Time With Notch

Someone was very happy I was sitting in the driveway last night

Stressful day? Locked out of the house? Good thing you can always rely on your friends to lend a listening ear.


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8 responses to “Quality Time With Notch

  1. No better friend than a furry friend! I love the photo, pure bliss..

  2. horsesdogsbikes

    Awww, this is a great photo.

  3. What a great photo! Sorry you were locked out of the house but on the up side you got to spend some quality time with a very snuggly happy feline friend.

  4. Anonymous

    Priceless. Seriously.

    • My garage door opener had a dead battery, and I’d given my key to one of the boys (who’d lost his, of course). Usually our house isn’t locked up all the way, but of course it happened to be on this particular day. Hate to admit I was really feeling sorry for myself shortly before this photo was taken, but Notch did a great job of cheering me up.

  5. How are things going way over there on your side of the world? I hope ok.

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