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How to Bend a Brick Part II (with an actual post this time)

OK, WordPress…let’s try this again, shall we? Not sure what went wrong the first time.

I’m posting to ask for some advice re my five yo Walker mare, who needs to be taught that her torso is not an oak plank.

She knows how to yield on front and back, but when she gets nervous, she tends to want to hold her midsection really rigid.

Part of this may be due to her heavy-boned Walker construction, but Dove doesn’t really “think in curves” anyway. Once she gets an idea in her head, she can get kind of stuck.

She’s always been a bit gangly and awkward. At five, I think she’s mostly grown into herself–but she’s a big mare (probably close to 16 hands) and I have some work to do.

Chunky, hairy, and loveable.

Dove happens to have a semi-famous dad, Chief Chautauqua, who sired the fellow below.  Quite the comparison to my scruffy furball above.

Any ideas on how to bend a brick?



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